Monday, February 28, 2011

Modern Monday

natural wood vinyl macbook decal from SistersDecal on Etsy
birchbark covered glass vases from NHWoodscreations on Etsy

great big bottle of air plant from TortoiseLovesDonkey on Etsy

mecedora low rocking chair from elemento on Etsy

narrow line earrings from savagesalvage on Etsy

rock maple cutting board from grayworksdesign on Etsy

stone shaped bowl from sevilyadesign on Etsy

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fabric Finds

This week's fabric is from Moda- it's a Kate Spain design called "Central Park."  It would be lovely for baby bedding or anything child-related.  It is adorable with its muted colors and fun shapes! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wish List Wesdnesday

Here are my picks this week from Etsy! 
Love all these items! 
This is like my very own registry- 
take note D! Maybe a half-birthday present? 
All of these items are beautiful and fun! Enjoy!

BeeHive Loop Scarf- You know how I love my scarves!
from LoveandKnit on Etsy

My uber girly side has started coming out in full force!
I REALLY like this fancy birch chandelier from uncommon on Etsy

Crocheted floor cushions- I think I need all 3!
from lacasadecoto on Etsy

Moth silkscreened pillow from utilitarianfranchise on Etsy

Modern number pillow form from vintage fabric.
This is totally my color scheme- Love the vintage floral in greys and oranges!
Must buy you!! from shessewslye on Etsy

Set of 3 modern pic frames- LOVE the colors!
from RetroPops on Etsy

Such a GREAT reminder! And it fits in with my "rustic modern" feel!
Printed on vintage dictionary pages from TheLittleRice on Etsy

Chic Bohemian dress in Beige from LadyTA on Etsy

Monday, February 21, 2011

Modern Monday

I love modern furniture and really anything else.   Let me just say that I wouldn't put it all in my home because I like an eclectic mix.  I call my style "rustic modern." But I can still love an appreciate a piece of furniture or a cool art piece nonetheless.  Here are some picks that I have found over the last week that I LOVE! Enjoy!

beam shelves from  TheSteelFork Etsy 
circles coffee table from  michaelarras Etsy

yellow faux deer head by Bornanoldsoul Etsy

grey donut loop scarf by  aftershowershop Etsy

ipe soap dish by  afidesign Etsy

mod centered frame by  blackelm Etsy

modern wall shelf by  evotiv Etsy

saffron modern wall clock by  uncommon Etsy

wool tissue box cover by  iumi Etsy

wood IPhone case from  woodkaseUSA Etsy

steel vessels by  modernindustry Etsy

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fabric Finds

This week's fabric is from the Gypsy Bandana Collection by Pillow & Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics. It is kaleidoscope in green. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Neutral is Nice

So, I made my first treasury on Etsy today! Who knew it was so easy and so much fun!  It's called "Neutral is Nice" and I would LOVE it if all of you would follow the link and check it out...and leave a message on the page for the treasury! The more comments the admins see, the more likely they will choose for it to make the front page of Etsy.  Wouldn't that be great! There are a few you have seen from this week's "Wishlist Wednesday."  The neutrals were my inspiration!

Wish List Wednesday

Welcome to Wish List Wednesday: 
These are the items I have found this week on Etsy that I LOVE! 
Beautiful colors, shapes and textures!

butterfly tea towel from wickedpen on Etsy
cubist glow ring from Jealousydesign on Etsy

begoina dress from kelseygenna on Etsy

crochet okapi necklace from okapiknits on Etsy

hemp drawstring produce sac from chrisssmith22 on Etsy

rhodium antler necklace from jackdawpilate on Etsy

the alaskan warmer- charcoal grey from ozetta on Etsy

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

like i said in my previous post, we don't go all out on valentine's day around our house (i prefer my man to be romantic all the time or atleast when i don't expect it- haha).  so, we won't be fighting the crowds around dallas tonight! i typically make D a sweet dinner, buy a bottle (or two) or wine and finish the night off with a really decadent dessert- chocolate of course! i won't be able to do that tonight because some of our friends had tickets to a fund-raising dinner for their non-profit organization/ministry so we will be there tonight showing our support- should be fun! so, our special v-day/romantic rendezvous will be postponed until tomorrow night- but the mr. still gets his present! i wanted to show my support to the hand-made community and give him something that he can look at everyday, maybe place in his presently bare office- who knows? so thanks to nanamontana on etsy for getting this to me on time for v-day! it just arrived this morning outside my door:

birchbark hand-carved heart with initials

 i love it and think it's adorable and hope he loves it too- even though he is supposed to be the one that carves our initials into a random tree with a heart around it to express his love...that's ok! now he has this one and it's even better because it's portable- it will go with you wherever you go!  and (hopefully) no one will vandalize it with spraypaint! since the meal is tomorrow night and i'm planning on mostly using recipes from the pioneer woman website, i will be sure to post pics and links AND tell all of you how amazing the food is- as it always is with pw recipes! until tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Today I'm featuring a new fabric from a new designer, Ty Pennington.  There are few of his designs that I LOVE- mostly because he's using a lot of charcoals mixed with bright colors.  That gets me every time! :)
He also has a home decor line with many of the same designs so if you want to make those drapes, cover that chair, etc- then you're in luck!

Ty Pennington Foliage in Charcoal

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Picks of the Day: Rustic, nature-inspired party "must-haves"

Here are some of my favorite picks if you want to plan a beautiful, rustic
party! I LOVE all of these items! Enjoy!

1. Large Wooden Cake Stand from SundayHatch on Etsy
2. Felt  Bird  Cake Topper  from lintandlavender on Etsy
3.   Paper  Dahlias in  Peacock  from  Octoberhill on Etsy
4.  Wooden  Place  Holders   from  SundayHatch on  Etsy

Wish List Wednesday

I am aware that today is Thursday.  However, I am trying to start my new weekly showcase about anything that a girl (or guy) could wear: scarves, jewelry, hats, clothing, accessories of any kind.  But some weeks, there will be other items added to my wishlist just because! I find so much on Etsy that I love and I want to share it with all of you.  These are all items on my "wish list" so D, pay attention! Every Wednesday I will present a few of my favorite new finds.  I started this but just realized that I will have to publish this first one today.  All the others will be on true Wednesdays- I promise! Enjoy!

Fingerless Glove Snugs in Heather Grey
from aandboriginals on Etsy

Orange Felt Necklace
from pergamondo on Etsy

Large Grey Wool Cloud Scarf
from rosetung on Etsy

Natural Brown Sea Pebble Ring
from ShebboDesign on Etsy

Petit Cressier Bag- Red Burlap
from iragrant on Etsy

Dusty Blue and Ginger Feather Earrings
from THIMBLEandACORN on Etsy

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THINGS I LOVE: Super Bowl Commercials

Since you already know how much we LOVE Star Wars in our family, I had to share this commercial with all of you because this was my favorite from the Super Bowl this year.  My husband and I were both laughing because I think he's already thinking of buying that costume for the son we have one day!
So cute! Enjoy!

FROM THE NEST: New Cards- Dragonfly

So, I have been trying a few new things with my fabric cards.  Mostly, to give myself a break from the grueling process it takes to make my original designs.  I love them- they just are a lot of work! But also to create a lower price point and simply, just because.  People like different things and I know that one must continue to reinvent themselves.

I also know just as well as anyone else how easily one can get stuck in a rut.  Creative ruts are not fun at all! Now, in a sense I am forced into a creative rut everyday because my husband won't "let me" pursue other avenues yet (such as letterpress, screen-printing, photography aka buying the lenses I really want, and about 50 other things).  I don't know why because it's not like those are expensive hobbies at all! haha!  Let's just say my wonderful husband balances me out and "pulls" me back into reality.

He knows me so well that he knows I would literally spread myself so thin trying to do everything I love and enjoy that I really wouldn't be effective at anything at all.  He's so good to me and great at trying to make me pace myself. I will learn all those trades one day but just not today.  I think it's all about being content with where you are.  I'm learning that constantly- you can't do everything right now, etc etc etc.  I'm one of those people that want to have my hand in everything and that is probably why God keeps trying to teach me to be patient and content and just be still.  Hmm.  You'd think I'd get that one of these days.

But I love the arts and I have all these ideas and it can be very frustrating some days when you have these ideas but you don't have a way to make them reality.  Even just with your art- for instance, learning graphic design.  I love to draw but there's that step in getting my drawings onto the computer and once I do that, I have limitless opportunities with my designs.  But right now, they are stuck on paper or in my head.  It's that waiting: waiting until I learn that computer program, until I can buy that letterpress, then know how to use it; waiting, waiting, waiting.  That's what kills me.

But alas I have to work with what I have- which is about 300+ yards of fabric and a lot of thread and misc trim.  So I'm trying to be creative and content in the little bubble I have right now, until that bubble expands or pops completely!

So, here is a new creation from my new line of cards. I like them because I get more of my granola side with the kraft cardstock.  I love the color brown- is that wrong? I'm using the same mini buttons as accents- this time for the antennas rather than the eyes on the bird cards.  But I'm adding the nifty stitch around the edge just because I like it.  I hope you like it too!  There won't be any variety packs of these like there are of the birds- there's just this design.  But I think I will still sell them in a pack of four just to be different.  Enjoy!

fabric dragonfly kraft folded card

with mini button embellishment

and cute stitched edge design

Winter Games 2011

I'm taking a break from reviewing Etsy shops and party ideas to show you a little bit of my world.  Since Dallas doesn't usually get this much snow, we decided to let our pups enjoy the "Snowmageddon" and actually play with the white stuff!

Here's a few of my favorite pics:

Lily is our tiny 3 lb dog.
Here she is in her warm puffy jacket looking a little unsure about the snow.

Lily got pretty cold after a while so here my husband is warming her up in
his jacket.  she didn't want to miss the fun though!

Sadie is a trooper- she could have stayed out all day!
She's pretty serious about her fun!

There she is digging up the ball- reminds me of a cartoon or something!

She's looking up at me because I have the ball and she doesn't want me to-
We all know who it belongs to haha

She spotted D with the camera.  This little dog never has an attitude- no never!

Lily hopping like a rabbit going after Sadie, who's going after the ball.

Lily never wants the ball for herself- she only wants it because Sadie wants it-
and so she doesn't want Sadie to have it.  Is that a youngest child thing? :)

Our two precious pups!

Me and Lily- of course she's eating snow!