Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

Welcome to Wish List Wednesday: 
These are the items I have found this week on Etsy that I LOVE! 
Beautiful colors, shapes and textures!

butterfly tea towel from wickedpen on Etsy
cubist glow ring from Jealousydesign on Etsy

begoina dress from kelseygenna on Etsy

crochet okapi necklace from okapiknits on Etsy

hemp drawstring produce sac from chrisssmith22 on Etsy

rhodium antler necklace from jackdawpilate on Etsy

the alaskan warmer- charcoal grey from ozetta on Etsy


  1. Wow! This is Gorgeous. Thank for featuring my Hemp Produce Sacs on here.

  2. I have several of the hemp produce sacs from The Art of Zen...Crochet and I just want to say that we love them!!! But these are all such great picks :)