Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In honor of the upcoming holiday which is the epitome of Fall, here are some of my favorite things I've discovered for when it gets a little crisp outside.  Happy Fall!

dried puka pods found on
these puka seeds look exactly like miniature pumpkins and
work great in decorating without the worry of molding centerpieces.
I plan on using them as a filler around candles, in hurricanes, wherever!

fur trim slipper booties from the Gap
I recently bought a pair of these and LOVE them!
They are super comfy and keep your feet toasty, especially on
cold wood or slate floors.  My husband likes them because now I
don't wear my UGG boots around the house and they'll last
twice as long.  I know he's overjoyed! 

pumpkin bread pudding recipe from Bobby Flay
I found this featured on the Pioneer Woman site and it looks so yummy!
I can't wait to try this! You can find the recipe at:

Pumpkin Cream Pie from The Pioneer Woman
This looks so good and is a great, fresh take on the traditional
Thanksgiving dessert. This is another one I am sure will become a
family favorite! You can find the recipe at:

cable knit fingerless gloves from the Gap
I got these in the lilac color to match the fun fur booties I wrote about above.
These are great for running errands and being able to actually function while having the comfort and
warmth of your seasonal gloves or mittens. Plus they're so fun and cute!

salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks
What can I say? My sis-in-law turned me on to this. So good!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Clothing paired with my onesies to create adorable outfits.  I'm highlighting some Etsy shops as well as larger stores so you can find everything you need to make your little one super cute this winter season!


organic blue bird onesie from the paper nest co.
crocheted hat from Jack and Jane

tutu crawler from Gap
knit t-strap shoes from ablueearth on Etsy
light blue loafers from abitofstring on Etsy 
knit elf hat from abitofstring on Etsy
puffer vest from  Jack and Jane

Monday, November 22, 2010



Continuing on with the color of the day.  I am using my dragonfly design and pairing it with different designers from Etsy and the Gap today.  My favorites are the first three- if it were my little princess, I would take the onesie, throw a little jean or courduroy skirt on the little one, and finish it off with the ankle boots and elf hat. Oh my!

Organic rose dragonfly onesie from The Paper Nest Co.

Ankle boots from ablueearth on Etsy
Newborn Elf hat from abitofstring on Etsy
cross strap baby shoes from ablueearth on Etsy

cable knit sweater jacket from the Gap

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


jackets and scarves and mittens and all things winter!!  I love, love, LOVE all things winter! Snow, mittens, scarves, Ugg boots, jackets and HATS! And you know how cute babies look all bundled up, topped off with an adorable hat.  Since winter is on its way, here are some great ways to combine my soft, organic onesies with other clothing options to keep your little one warm and toasty over the next few months. Each day I will present a new color scheme to share with you all.  Selections have been made from various Etsy sites and some mainstream stores.


pink fleece bird onesie from the paper nest co.

tutu crawler in cherise from the Gap
rasberry beret from abitofstring on Etsy

ruffle cardigan in cherise from the Gap
white sherpa vest from the Gap

smaller- kadence shoes from baby bliss

grey and fuschia baby girl boots from funkyshapes on Etsy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A dear friend of mine commissioned me to create some cards to compliment his gift to his girlfriend on her birthday.  To help him surprise her with her james avery adomed claddagh ring, I created personalized cards to represent the different components of this famous ring.  Using these three cards as hints to what her gift would be and allowing one card to lead to another, which ultimately led to her present, was a unique and romantic idea! Well done C! What a sweet guy! So, here are the cards:

the hands

the crown

the heart

Friday, November 12, 2010


This week I'm partnering with another Etsy shop to bring you more ideas.  Andrea is the owner of CohenAndChloe, an adorable shop on Etsy that creates knit beanies for babies.  Today I am bringing you a few of her beanies that match my organic onesies.  This gives you a "head-start" in creating full outfits for your baby.  Just look and see...

This "lil man" wool trimmed beanie is so cute and will look perfect with
my organic baby blue bird onesie. available on Andrea's shop at:

baby blue bird organic onesie available at:

red and orange butterfly organic onesie with poms available at:

add some more fun to the pom poms with this
adorable crocheted hat with ear flaps! available at:

This natura/yellow knit hat is such a fun accessory
with its tassels and chunky yarn! You can find it at:
It will be great when paired with my yellow dinosaur onesie!

My delicate pink heart onesie for the little princess in your life:

This pink and brown crocheted hat with poms makes the
outfit complete because "pink is perfect!" available at:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chi Omega Christmas Market 2010

So, we just finished my first Chi Omega show in Dallas- it's one of the largest of the holiday shows and with it being my first year to experience the Holiday season with my company, it was a great experience! I want to give a shout out to all my friends and family that helped me during those long four days! First, my darling husband that is there for me with whatever I need and brought it all in, carried it out and helped me set it up! Even when I ran out of a certain thread, he was at Joann Fabrics, texting me pictures to see if it was the correct color- so cute on so many levels- first a man at Joann Fabrics! But to everyone else that took time out of their busy schedules: Candy, Lindsey, Alicia, Nikki, Brandi, Bekah, Sarah, Jen, Allison and Jessica- THANK YOU!!

I've decided to include some pictures of my booth at Chi Omega to show you the "feel" of my company as I'm continuing to brand it.  Being "the paper nest co." gives me the opportunity to express my love of nature, combined, of course, with the Tiffany Blue! I've been working so hard for the past few months trying to get everything to tie in together for upcoming shows.  From the furniture to the tablecloth to the bird nest business card holders, I think I'm finally done...until I find another darling bird cage that I just have to have! Enjoy!

My fabric folded card available in packs or singles. Stored in
wooden planters and available in bird, butterfly, heart and dragonfly

"Card tree" displaying fabric folded cards and card clothesline

My barn wood shelves hold all the organic
onesies beautifully and keep them organized

A great find from my awesome sis-in-law, this
bakers rack is the perfect blue and holds all my fabric notecards

Clothesline displaying all the different designs of the baby onesies

One of my favorites! The bib tree- how perfect to tie in the outdoor theme and hold all the organic bibs!

View of my lovely 10x10 booth at Chi Omega

more views of the space

I found these little bird hooks and had to have them to
hold samples on the side of the shelving unit.  Perfect!
Displayed with one of my brand new designs- and one of
the best sellers!

view as you walk up the "the paper nest co."

These were my tabletop displays- inside these
bird cages were my personalized samples: cards, bibs and onesies for special order.