Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chi Omega Christmas Market 2010

So, we just finished my first Chi Omega show in Dallas- it's one of the largest of the holiday shows and with it being my first year to experience the Holiday season with my company, it was a great experience! I want to give a shout out to all my friends and family that helped me during those long four days! First, my darling husband that is there for me with whatever I need and brought it all in, carried it out and helped me set it up! Even when I ran out of a certain thread, he was at Joann Fabrics, texting me pictures to see if it was the correct color- so cute on so many levels- first a man at Joann Fabrics! But to everyone else that took time out of their busy schedules: Candy, Lindsey, Alicia, Nikki, Brandi, Bekah, Sarah, Jen, Allison and Jessica- THANK YOU!!

I've decided to include some pictures of my booth at Chi Omega to show you the "feel" of my company as I'm continuing to brand it.  Being "the paper nest co." gives me the opportunity to express my love of nature, combined, of course, with the Tiffany Blue! I've been working so hard for the past few months trying to get everything to tie in together for upcoming shows.  From the furniture to the tablecloth to the bird nest business card holders, I think I'm finally done...until I find another darling bird cage that I just have to have! Enjoy!

My fabric folded card available in packs or singles. Stored in
wooden planters and available in bird, butterfly, heart and dragonfly

"Card tree" displaying fabric folded cards and card clothesline

My barn wood shelves hold all the organic
onesies beautifully and keep them organized

A great find from my awesome sis-in-law, this
bakers rack is the perfect blue and holds all my fabric notecards

Clothesline displaying all the different designs of the baby onesies

One of my favorites! The bib tree- how perfect to tie in the outdoor theme and hold all the organic bibs!

View of my lovely 10x10 booth at Chi Omega

more views of the space

I found these little bird hooks and had to have them to
hold samples on the side of the shelving unit.  Perfect!
Displayed with one of my brand new designs- and one of
the best sellers!

view as you walk up the "the paper nest co."

These were my tabletop displays- inside these
bird cages were my personalized samples: cards, bibs and onesies for special order.

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