Thursday, December 30, 2010


That's right friends, my cards are being featured on Daily Candy Dallas today! Please use the link to visit the website! This is very exciting and just another step (hopefully leap) for me and my small company!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I love, love, LOVE this woman's blog and right now she is doing (3), yes THREE giveaways on her site: a set of knives, mixers and an HP printer.  My friends, you must enter to win.  Go now! Good luck!




Monday, December 20, 2010


I wanted to stay true to what I had originally set out to create last year, but add some new materials and simplify the process so I can bring a different feel and price point.  So, combining all my fun fabrics with bright buttons and the natural feel of the kraft card stock, brought me here.  These cards will be available at my online shop soon available in packs of 4 (one of each color).  I hope they brighten your day- they have mine.  Enjoy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Living in Texas, you know I'm really dreaming of a white Christmas- I think I have only had one since I moved here.  But today, I'm bringing some ideas and products to help you have a GREEN Christmas and help the earth by buying organic, free-trade, recycled, etc.  Enjoy!

amenity organic  ornaments from trail circle

Made from 55% Hemp and 45% Certified Organic Cotton, printed with non-toxic, water-based dyes. Filled with Eco-fill, a high-quality polyester fiber generated from spun recycled bottles. Printed and sewn in Los Angeles. 

angels with attitude fair trade ornaments
These 3 inch angels, made from recycled cold drink cans, are made by Zulu school children as an extra-mural activity. These students live in an area of Northern Zululand where the AIDS epidemic is very high, and are themselves orphans who have been left destitute.  The purchase of this item impacts the student directly, assisting them to feed, clothe and educate themselves and at the same time giving them a sense of pride and self-worth.

a new trend is to "rent" a tree instead of chopping one  down year after year.  there are
companies that will create a lease, deliver and pick up your tree and ensure you will
receive the same tree year after year so you can watch it grow with your family.
My husband found this in USA Today- here's the link: 

eco holiday ball ornament

These handmade holiday ornaments are made from recycled magazines by a women's collective in the Philippines, with the proceeds going to help a depressed urban area of Manila. 

eco kids eco ornament kit
a great way to get your kids involved in eco-friendly activities

felt bird ornaments from branch
These simply chic birds are cut from 100% eco-certified felted wool and shipped flat for efficient delivery. A set of two birds — available in green, red or white — costs $18 at Branch.

Citrus ornaments from Zaniza
produce for decoration- how more earth friendly can you get?

Upcycled Heart Ornaments
handmade heart felt ornaments

 rainbow hearts from Sewn Natural- Etsy 
made using reclaimed felt wool and a loop of hemp string for hanging.

LED holiday lights- eco friendly and energy saving-
helping the planet while still having a bright Christmas!

 ornament terrarium inspired by Charleston Home Magazine.  I love this- I
don't have the step by step directions yet, but I will post them when I do!
We are currently trying to sell our condo, so we really did not want to mess with trying to
get to all the Christmas stuff in the back of our storage unit, etc this year so we are having an
"un-traditional" Christmas tree. This is a discarded branch from my father-in-law's property and we hung some
beautiful, neutral ornaments on it to use it as a center-piece on our dining table.  I love it!
And we saved a tree and some $ this year!

My sister-in-law and I like to find new ornaments every year for the family.  It's
becoming a very fun tradition! Why not save the bows and use the ornaments as not only a gift, but part of the
decoration? It makes the package beautiful and different without creating waste.
decorate with natural elements that you can find outside
(picture found on bing images)

fill hurricanes or vases with acorns and pine combs for a rustic,
natural decoration.  It's a great look as well as a natural resource.
(picture found on bing images)

print out star ornaments

 Goods for the Garden recycled misprint metal star ornaments. Designer Frederic Alcantara, working with an Aid To Artisans project in Morocco, brought together these fabulous new collections. our "Print Out" collection features a set of 5 stars; two 6-inch and three 4-inch with recycled glass centers. They are all packaged together in a beautiful, simple, recycled misprint gold and silver colored square metal box. 

recycled bike chain ornament created by noah's ark

These ornaments utilize material otherwise destined for landfills
Created by Noah's Ark, a company based in Moradabad, India that focuses on fair trade. The company works with more than 100 artisan groups, involving more than 600 people. The crafts are produced mainly in Moradabad, Saharanpur, Nagina, Jaipur, Sari Tarin, Delhi, Hapur, Firozabad, and Amritsar. Noah's Ark not only pays fair wages, they're also involved in projects for schooling the artisan's children and bringing pure drinking water to the workshops.
This Christmas Tree Ornament is handmade in the USA from recycled wine bottles. 
What a perfect Eco friendly Christmas gift!

recycled glass ornaments from 3R Living

recycled motherboard ornaments;
recycled glass iciles

recycled tin star from crate and barrel

succulent wreath from viva terra $98
i love this! this wreath would be beautiful year round. succulents
have a special place in my heart!

recycled oil drum angels from haiti
viva terra $79-$169
i have the smaller tree topper but i would love the larger one too!

rosemary topiary from viva terra $49

Friday, December 17, 2010


I first saw this at a friend's wedding and wished that I could go back in time 4 years and use these at our wedding but oh well! These can be used for parties, gifts on the mantle through-out the year, or in the case of this tutorial, a hanging Christmas wreath.  Watch, well read, and learn how easy it is to make one for yourself or your friend or your mom or....well, anyone.  Enjoy!

The finished product.  Aren't they lovely?

You will need atleast one bag of this moss with backing. I found
this at Michaels for around $5

I ordered my wood letters online but I'm sure you can find them
at your local craft store.  I chose the standard font and sizes 18 inch and 22 inch.
I have seen many at 12 inches, but the beauty of this project is that you
can choose how you want your letter: the size and font is up to you!

I cut the moss to fit over the front of the letter and along the sides with about 1/2
inch overhang.  Using a hot glue gun,  attach the moss directly to the wood.  Be generous with the
glue so that you don't have "pockets" where it's not attached and bubbles up.
I glued the front of the "L" first before starting on the sides and back.

If you are covering the whole letter, front and back, glue the sides coming
from the back of the letter first.

Then add more glue directly onto the moss and glue the moss
from the front onto the moss that is already glued down, overlapping it.
This is so any seams or edges that are showing will be on the back of the letter,
not visible at all.

Make sure you press down firmly so the top layer of moss
attaches fully to the bottom layer.

Keep pressing until the glue has cooled.

Once you are finished, attach a hanger to the back directly to the wood.

Or through the moss/wood if you have covered the back fully.

Add ribbon and hang! Or just place on a mantle, etc!