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Say hello to the newest member of the Etsy Dallas Team! That's right folks! I'm so excited to see what 2011 has in store for the Dallas Team as well as my company! I'm honored to be a part of such a great collection of artists! I'll keep you posted about our different functions, shows and upcoming news!

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I am right in the middle of planning a baby shower for a dear friend with 3 other wonderful women, and having a blast I might add.   So, as I have been searching for decorations, I have come across some ADORABLE, seriously cute stuff, that I can't not write about!  For this shower, it has been a little challenging because our friend is not finding out the sex of the baby until she delivers so it is a neutral shower.  Sadly, I am not able to use any of the amazing finds on this friend. We've been using yellows and greens and I think it will turn out fun and beautiful! However, I am not like my friend S- I will know if I'm having a boy or a girl when that day comes! So, here is my list for must have baby shower decorations: I've decided to dedicate one to a boy shower and one to a girl shower.  Most of these are found on Etsy since I try to support handmade and small businesses. (Go Economy!) These are my favorites and showers that anyone would LOVE!


greens, blues (navy and light blue) and a little bit of orange...

I kept finding adorable elephant stuff so you could create a shower that is strictly elephants or you could focus on blue and green animals as a whole.  There are quite a few choices: elephants, woodland creatures, zoo animals, birds.  You could have a lot of fun with all of these! But here are my favorites:

Here are some adorable cupcake wrappers and toppers:

swirl cupcake holders from cupcakesocial Etsy

mini pinwheels from aubabi78 Etsy
These are so fun! They come in lots of different colors too!
I would get them in the blue and green to match the decorations!
you could put these in drinks, on top of cupcakes, or anywhere really!
felt cake flags hankandhunt Etsy

woodland creatures cupcake toppers partyparade Etsy

blue elephant cupcakes pics from scrapbookingstuff Etsy

modern green bird toppers
from vintagegreenlimited Etsy
blue bird felt toppers from stephaniemonroe Etsy
These would be precious on top of cupcakes!

green plaid cupcake wrappers partytreats Etsy

I love, love, LOVE these tissue paper poms I keep seeing online.  So much that I just want to start having weekly parties so I can try out the fun colors they have! Pomlove is on Etsy and they are the greatest! They have some amazing and beautiful colors! I will remember them whenever I feel like celebrating- whether it be a birthday, baby, anniversary or a random Tuesday...

green teal poms pomlove Etsy
grassy knoll poms pomlove Etsy
brilliant blue pom from pomlove Etsy

I love the idea of using something to decorate that they will be able to use in the nursery once the shower is over! Why not buy them a handmade mobile or a cute print in the colors they're using? It helps to add to the decor and they can take it home with them!

If you're doing a woodland animal theme, why not
use your gift to your friend as a decoration?
Hang this over the food table or anywhere to add to the cuteness of
the shower!

blue and green alphabet from petitcollage Etsy
This would be perfect in a nursery, but why not decorate the
baby shower with it before using it in the nursery?
Everything they do on this site is adorable!
My baby nurseries are going to be filled with prints from them!
elephant mother and baby print from
petitcollage Etsy

If you're doing a bird theme, why not
use your gift to your friend as a decoration?
Buy 2 or 3 of these and hang them in windows or doorways.
blue cloud felt mobile
from rafacolors Etsy

I'm in love with fabric flag garland! I just can't get enough of it! Here are my favorites for a boy baby shower: you've got the blues and greens, as well as a little bit of yellow! You could use one or combine them all for an adorable, eclectic look! These would be great for an outdoor shower!

scalloped garland from
thisneckofthewoods Etsy

for the boys flag garland sparklepower Etsy
mini bunting garland from
sincerelyames Etsy
mostly yellow circus flags from
kategreiner Etsy
paper raindrop decor from kategreiner Etsy
colorful garland from crazyhuskycrafts Etsy
blue zoo garland from crazyhuskycrafts Etsy

Here are some other ideas for alternative decorations that can be, not only really useful, but super cute!

basket from treasuredtotes08 Etsy
You can use this to place gifts in or for game supplies.

bird cards from shughessic Etsy
You could make your own garland with these or place them around
 as large  confetti decorations.  I would use them as fun coasters!

blue plush elephant from thewillowtree Etsy
So precious! Place by the sing-in table or by the gifts! Anywhere!

crib quilt from sewnnatural
If you wanted to use this as a decoration as well as a gift,
you could cover the sign in table the gift table with it to give color.

 Invitations: Here are some that I found that fit the colors or themes! Invites are a little bit more difficult because you'll find one you love but the color is not what you are using or if you are strictly going by the color, you find the perfect color but the theme is all wrong.  You don't want your shower to be dictated by the invite so if you can't find the perfect one just go with a neutral invite and focus on the decorations!

blue owl invite from tinyprints
boy balloon invite from
sweetpeababy Etsy

sailboat invite from tinyprints
green argyle invite from tinyprints
chic green invite tinyprints


bright pinks, oranges and a little bit of yellow or grey.

Place these prints behind the food table, side by side, for a fresh decoration.

bird print from petitcollage Etsy
ladybug print petitcollage Etsy

owl love print petitcollage Etsy

framed animal alphabet petitcollage Etsy
orange alphabet poster from
sparklepower Etsy

Invitations: I found some really cute invites using the bright pink and/or orange colors.

manderine butterflies invite tinyprints

baby words invite tinyprints

little hoot orange invite tinyprints

colorful jungle invite tinyprints

paisley shower invite from spillingbeans Etsy
square invite from madebybree Etsy

Here are the poms again! These add so much to any party! I just LOVE them!
As well as hanging mobiles and fabric flag garland- it's too much fun!

drunk punch pink pom pomlove Etsy
pink pom from pomlove Etsy

poms from pomlove Etsy

pink and orange banner from wburley74 Etsy

blossoms mobile from littledreamersinc Etsy

disco flags from giggleberry Etsy

retro orange and pink bird mobile from babybomb Etsy
pink vintage garland from sparklepower Etsy

liberty of london pink bunting flags from littlekittenhomemade Etsy

bunting fabric garland from littlekittenhomemade Etsy

owls from EvelynX Etsy
If you are doing a folksy shower, you could hang these like
garland all around or from the buffet table

stella the owl from kemptonjones Etsy
Place little stuffed cuties all around to add to the decorations

pink framed chalkboard from sparklepower Etsy
You can use this to write a special message to the mom-to-be
or jot down the menu for the shower!
party birds cards from mshoelace Etsy
I love these as "thank you" cards for the mom-to-be to be
able to use after the shower. They're so fun!

pink owls cupcake toppers from partyparade Etsy
pink pinwheels cupcake toppers from cupcakesocial Etsy

pink/orange pinwheels from
cupcakesocial Etsy

tissue poms cupcake toppers from mysillybear Etsy

buttefly bliss canvas
from babycakesanddecor Etsy
I love this! You could place this behind
where guest of honor sits...