Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

like i said in my previous post, we don't go all out on valentine's day around our house (i prefer my man to be romantic all the time or atleast when i don't expect it- haha).  so, we won't be fighting the crowds around dallas tonight! i typically make D a sweet dinner, buy a bottle (or two) or wine and finish the night off with a really decadent dessert- chocolate of course! i won't be able to do that tonight because some of our friends had tickets to a fund-raising dinner for their non-profit organization/ministry so we will be there tonight showing our support- should be fun! so, our special v-day/romantic rendezvous will be postponed until tomorrow night- but the mr. still gets his present! i wanted to show my support to the hand-made community and give him something that he can look at everyday, maybe place in his presently bare office- who knows? so thanks to nanamontana on etsy for getting this to me on time for v-day! it just arrived this morning outside my door:

birchbark hand-carved heart with initials

 i love it and think it's adorable and hope he loves it too- even though he is supposed to be the one that carves our initials into a random tree with a heart around it to express his love...that's ok! now he has this one and it's even better because it's portable- it will go with you wherever you go!  and (hopefully) no one will vandalize it with spraypaint! since the meal is tomorrow night and i'm planning on mostly using recipes from the pioneer woman website, i will be sure to post pics and links AND tell all of you how amazing the food is- as it always is with pw recipes! until tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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