Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FROM THE NEST: New Cards- Dragonfly

So, I have been trying a few new things with my fabric cards.  Mostly, to give myself a break from the grueling process it takes to make my original designs.  I love them- they just are a lot of work! But also to create a lower price point and simply, just because.  People like different things and I know that one must continue to reinvent themselves.

I also know just as well as anyone else how easily one can get stuck in a rut.  Creative ruts are not fun at all! Now, in a sense I am forced into a creative rut everyday because my husband won't "let me" pursue other avenues yet (such as letterpress, screen-printing, photography aka buying the lenses I really want, and about 50 other things).  I don't know why because it's not like those are expensive hobbies at all! haha!  Let's just say my wonderful husband balances me out and "pulls" me back into reality.

He knows me so well that he knows I would literally spread myself so thin trying to do everything I love and enjoy that I really wouldn't be effective at anything at all.  He's so good to me and great at trying to make me pace myself. I will learn all those trades one day but just not today.  I think it's all about being content with where you are.  I'm learning that constantly- you can't do everything right now, etc etc etc.  I'm one of those people that want to have my hand in everything and that is probably why God keeps trying to teach me to be patient and content and just be still.  Hmm.  You'd think I'd get that one of these days.

But I love the arts and I have all these ideas and it can be very frustrating some days when you have these ideas but you don't have a way to make them reality.  Even just with your art- for instance, learning graphic design.  I love to draw but there's that step in getting my drawings onto the computer and once I do that, I have limitless opportunities with my designs.  But right now, they are stuck on paper or in my head.  It's that waiting: waiting until I learn that computer program, until I can buy that letterpress, then know how to use it; waiting, waiting, waiting.  That's what kills me.

But alas I have to work with what I have- which is about 300+ yards of fabric and a lot of thread and misc trim.  So I'm trying to be creative and content in the little bubble I have right now, until that bubble expands or pops completely!

So, here is a new creation from my new line of cards. I like them because I get more of my granola side with the kraft cardstock.  I love the color brown- is that wrong? I'm using the same mini buttons as accents- this time for the antennas rather than the eyes on the bird cards.  But I'm adding the nifty stitch around the edge just because I like it.  I hope you like it too!  There won't be any variety packs of these like there are of the birds- there's just this design.  But I think I will still sell them in a pack of four just to be different.  Enjoy!

fabric dragonfly kraft folded card

with mini button embellishment

and cute stitched edge design


  1. these are adorable. i love brown to. kraft paper really excites me, i guess i'm weird like that to! i also get the creativity stuck inside... i have a million ideas and no clue how to execute most of them without more technical training or equipment. i'm learning through my blog, but most of it is fumbling. thanks for sharing with all of us.

  2. You're welcome! :) Thank you for your comment! I kind of threw up all over this blog! I'm glad I'm not the only one that deals with that stuff! (or that likes kraft paper!!)