Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Games 2011

I'm taking a break from reviewing Etsy shops and party ideas to show you a little bit of my world.  Since Dallas doesn't usually get this much snow, we decided to let our pups enjoy the "Snowmageddon" and actually play with the white stuff!

Here's a few of my favorite pics:

Lily is our tiny 3 lb dog.
Here she is in her warm puffy jacket looking a little unsure about the snow.

Lily got pretty cold after a while so here my husband is warming her up in
his jacket.  she didn't want to miss the fun though!

Sadie is a trooper- she could have stayed out all day!
She's pretty serious about her fun!

There she is digging up the ball- reminds me of a cartoon or something!

She's looking up at me because I have the ball and she doesn't want me to-
We all know who it belongs to haha

She spotted D with the camera.  This little dog never has an attitude- no never!

Lily hopping like a rabbit going after Sadie, who's going after the ball.

Lily never wants the ball for herself- she only wants it because Sadie wants it-
and so she doesn't want Sadie to have it.  Is that a youngest child thing? :)

Our two precious pups!

Me and Lily- of course she's eating snow!

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