Friday, December 3, 2010


I am in love with scarves- and that is not taking it to an extreme.  A scarf can bring a whole outfit together, whether it's summer, winter, spring or fall.  I have so many scarfs and yet I'm always finding more to love.  How terrible! Getting back to the point, a scarf is the perfect gift! You never have to worry about size, whether it's too big or too small.   Or if it makes my hips look wide or my butt look big...all that stuff! They are just the best accessory around! From a dramatic drape to a fun faux fur to classic plaid- there's something for everyone on your list! Today, I've brought several picks for great holiday gifts.  Some of them I own, some are on my Christmas list (hint hint honey!), some I've purchased as gifts for those I love and some, well, some I will just have to lust after...
tinsley road blanket scarf $39
slouchy knit circle
scarf madewell $46
thickest cowl scarf
anthropologie $188

lucky brand holiday
highlife solid scarf $69
mohair circle scarf
madewell $38
marc by marc jacobs
metallic mad plaid scarf $178

cozy up scarf- madewell
coffee cowl by topherco on etsy

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