Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sometimes shopping for your man can be difficult.  I know! In our family of two, in the four years of being married, we have yet to surprise each other in the gift category.  Somehow, in some way, it's inevitable- the person will find out, guess or discover the actual gift and the surprise is ruined!
That is not the only complaint or worry though- the ultimate is: will he or she LIKE it or not?
I feel confident that I have my man pegged down to 5 categories: scotch, cigars, technology/gadgets/electronics, wilderness and sports/games.  Notice there's no clothes on there- no dress socks or ties.  nope, not in this family- I know better! Somehow, if I watch very closely and make my mental note, then when a holiday or birthday or anniversary comes, I will immediately know of the perfect gift.  Now, if only I could train HIM to do that! Someday! So, if you are having trouble this year finding a gift for your husband, son, father, brother....here are some ideas! Enjoy!

 yellow and black dartboard from funretro on Etsy

scrabble cufflinks by crimsonking on Etsy

star wars fridge magnets by theDcontinuum on Etsy
these WILL be on our fridge someday...

union arcade vintage watches from revolt70 on Etsy
this site is amazing- they have a huge selection of vintage watches and
will engrave them as well. check it out!

vintage forest flask from liquidcourage on Etsy
love the name of that shop and love that flask!
(I want it for myself!)

black and white harley photo from flashforward on Etsy

leather planner book by myhandboundbooks on Etsy

mustache pint glasses by mustacheglass on Etsy

reclaimed wood ipod dock by swedishguydesign on Etsy

framed Harley Davidson stock share found at:
Come May, my someone special will have this as a special B-day present!

wool and leather phone case by byrdandbelle on Etsy

 german wool and leather IPAD case from FERUTObags on Etsy
I bought this as a Christmas gift for the hubby- shhh! Don't tell him!

leather iphone slip case from renneslechateau on Etsy


  1. Great picks! Thanks so much for including my flask!

  2. you have no idea how helpful your list is! thanks for including my dartboard!