Wednesday, December 8, 2010


With every show as well as online, I offer personalized orders.  This is where the buyer can choose the first letter of their child's name and decide on the fabric and trim they would like on their onesie.  It's fun to see what everyone chooses and how cute they turn out! It lets you have your own creative say in what you buy and it gives you a chance to design something for your own child.  Here are a few recent orders:

this couple chose to buy the orange dino onesie but add
the "B" on the back of the onesie in the same flannel.
What a CUTE idea! And it turned out so well!

This mom chose the red and orange floral (which has so many possibilities!)
and paired it with the orange poms! So ADORABLE!

This mom wanted to mix things up a bit with the blue flannel
pairing it with pink buttons.  I used pink thread so it would pop against
the blue flannel.  This is so SWEET!

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