Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: DIY Wine/Beer Bottle Glasses

My husband and I love wine and beer- well, good wine and beer, which means we usually have many bottles we are getting rid of.  We saw these low ball tumblers at a local wine bar and LOVED them- the color, the shape, the whole idea as well as how easy it would be to do it ourselves, and for basically free. Well, I'm sure we would be motivated to go out and purchase more so we could have a whole set.  So, I found a tutorial that will help us all make our own glasses (whether high or low ball, or even vases) out of our recycled bottles.  You can see the step by step directions here:

Basically, all you need to do is:
1. finish your beverage so you have an empty bottle (that's the fun part!)

You'll need to purchase a bottle cutter.  They used Ephrem’s Bottle Cutter which can be easily found online for $30-40.  The kit comes with:
  • the bottle cutter- to cut the bottles, of course
  • a candle- to heat the line which the cutter makes in the glass
  • sand paper- to file down those dangerous edges after you cut the glass
  • carbide polishing powder- to smooth those edges even more so you don’t cut your lips if you’re making a glass
Now I've seen tutorials online where you're just using string of some sort and a candle so if I can find it again, I'll post a second tutorial and maybe compare the two.  Since this is "Thrifty Thursday" and all, if there is a cheaper way where you don't have to spend $30+ on some tool, then that would be great! Another advantage to making these yourself is that you can choose the color of the glass.  Anywhere from clear to green to amber/brown- whatever works with your decor.  Do share if you decide to try this tutorial- I would love to see pics of a placesetting with some of these included.  Enjoy!

the actual process as seen with a beer bottle

the finished product aka tumblers from Pottery Barn- I personally prefer the raised bottoms of the wine bottles

another idea one could try- vases

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