Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Modern Monday: Anniversary Presents- year 5

For the five year mark (which D and I will be celebrating in October! woohoo!) the traditional anniversary gifts is wood.  We could spend so much $$$ on anything wood: furniture, decorations, accessories- we love it all! Now, the modern gift is silverware.  I must admit, silverware/flatware really does nothing for me- I don't swoon over it when I see any in catalogs, I don't plan for it, etc.  It's not a big ticket item and to me, it's just not that exciting. Sorry people! Now, I have found a few selections that I like that I'm sharing today but maybe my problem is that I just haven't found the perfect set? Maybe one day... I had to limit my "wood" selections so that I wouldn't go crazy and have the longest blog entry ever so I hope you enjoy a little taste of my favorites.  Here's to celebrating 5 years!

artizano flatware from NapaStyle

set of benches/tables from architecti on Etsy

dresser from salvaged wood by robrray on Etsy

heritage storage console from VivaTerra

reclaimed wood picture frame from IvarsDesign on Etsy
almoco flatware from Design Within Reach in black matte

vintage storage bins from urgestudio on Etsy

blacksmith flatware from VivaTerra

The Gustavian reclaimed Bed from VivaTerra

teak flatware from VivaTerra

twig flatware from VivaTerra

vintage fir sideboard from VivaTerra

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