Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: DIY Bookshelves

I'm so excited to share with you guys that, now, every Thursday will be dedicated to fun, innovative DIY ideas.  I keep finding all these wonderful and clever ways to re-purpose objects or create something you've seen for a fraction of the price.  And I know that if these projects are on my "list" to do, then many of you would be interested in them also.  So, here's to saving money and being crafty! Enjoy!

I saw this online and traced it back to the blog that originally posted the idea.  This would be perfect for a kid's room.  You need the BEKVAM spice racks from IKEA and the installation is super easy! They look great with the plain wood or you could paint or stain them.  The possibilties are endless! These would be great in an entry hall or office also.  Here's the site to the posting: 
We are keeping this idea to use in a future kid's room but I'm sure some of you are able to DIY now.  Please share if you decide to take on this project (photos welcome) and what you used it for! Thanks and more to come next Thursday!

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