Monday, May 9, 2011

Modern Monday: Anniversary Presents- year 1

Modern Mondays will now be dedicated to modern anniversary presents: the actual modern gifts and modern versions of the traditional ideas.  Most of these great items will be found on Etsy as my tribute to try to promote handmade as much as possible but there might be a few "non-handmade" gifts here and there.  So get ready people! We are starting today with year one gifts: paper (traditional) and clocks (modern).  Enjoy!

bee paper sculpture from elsita on Etsy

vintage whiskey labels from halfpintsalvage on Etsy

paris in pen original drawing from studiokmo on Etsy

paper mache life sized moose antlers from micapeeka on Etsy

dahlia drawing from HelenGotlib on Etsy

cuckoo silhouette pillow from Urbanposture on Etsy

exotic wall clock from MapleDr on Etsy

hot pink cuckoo clock from snowfawn on Etsy

ipod nano cuff from TheLeatherWrist on Etsy

modern saffron clock from uncommon on Etsy

raindrops clock from decoylab on Etsy


  1. Thanks a lot for this post!
    Elsita :)

  2. love your blog, just found you through the Shine Project blog! :)