Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Shop Spotlight: Appetite Home

I'm adding this feature to my blog by presenting a new shop from Etsy (and maybe a few other places every once in a while) that I love! I have come across so many shops online where I could see myself literally buying one of every item they sell! That could be dangerous and I think the husband would get rid of my computer at that point, but still, I am wanting to show some love and support to these amazing shops! Well done! Enjoy this every Saturday!

This week's shop is an Etsy one called Appetite Home. This is a shop out of Oregon where she hand prints and hand makes home wares with beautiful designs! I love this shop because I would love to be able to take my drawings and learn the screen-printing/hand-printing trade one day to see my art come alive on different objects. But that is still on the "some day" list.

I have a whole list of her dishtowels and potholders that I would like to buy to bring some great colors and designs into my kitchen. My pet peeve for a long time has been the lack of unique potholders (and modern ones!) so we are actually still using my husband's ugly blue ones that he had before we were married. I am waiting for the day when I get to put in my Etsy order for these beauties (see below) and I might throw in a couple of her gorgeous pillows while I'm at it! Love, love, love it all!!

army potholders with flora print

creme curtain set with grey astera

dishtowels with orange and grey astera

green linen pillow with passion flower print

green pillow with flora print

black napkins with robin print

potholders grey with moth print

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