Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have a new line of cards I just released on Etsy.  They are very dainty, very girly notecards.  But there's something even more girly and dainty about them that sets them apart from other notecards and stationary.  You have probably never seen envelopes like these either! The design is also on the envelopes- they are such a cute pair! I love envelopes- it's the first thing you see when you receive a card in the mail or rip it off that present (because you're required to open the card first!).  If it's the first thing people see about your cards, why do so many people pair their adorable cards with a boring white envelope? You need an envelope worthy of your card or notecard...and that is what I try to do with my products.  Whether it's sewing fabric on the flap or matching them like these new creations, I've gotta do it! They just make me happy! All of these can be purchased at

scalloped notecards and envelopes

eyelet lace notecards and envelopes

cherish notecards and envelopes

looped notecards and envelopes