Friday, February 4, 2011

Mad Hatter Party Ideas: How to throw an Alice in Wonderland Bash!

 After turning 30 this year, I have been wanting to throw a Mad Hatter Party as either a joint 30th party for me and my husband or a fun house party just because! However, we can't have this party until our condo sells and we can either buy or lease a house with a back yard! Those are the requirements.  That doesn't mean that I haven't been planning one in my head for months and scrapping all the fun ideas together for a later date.  So, I'm here to share my ideas with you in case you ever want to throw one on your own.  We are hoping to be able to finally have our party this summer, when the weather is nice enough to spend it all outdoors. So here are my ideas and wonderful items I've found for an adult Mad Hatter Party.  Enjoy!

tea sandwiches
cupcakes with neon frosting
chips with dips (add food coloring to make dips bright colors)
Chocolate fountain with fruit/cookies for dipping
fruit arrangements (bouquet style)
mushroom chocolates
petit fours with "eat me" written on them.

Signature Drink: Long Island Iced Tea
bottled sodas with circus straws

giant cards (various games)
giant jenga
giant yard chess
Hooka area with floor pillows
Alice in Wonderland playing on TVs or shown on fence

Garage Sale Finds:
mixed china plate
mixed china tea cups
tea pots
dining chairs/stools to paint bright colors

pomlove poms
hanging lanterns with colored tissue paper
plastic yard flamingos
giant flowers
red and white rose bushes
bright pictures frames hanging from fence
(can use them for photo booth props too!)
plush velvet chairs and painted chairs or stools
large string lights
hanging chinese lanterns- bright colors

guests must wear one oversized, dramatic accessory
huge flower pin, top hat, bowtie, hairbow, etc
to get in the spirit!

tissue poms from pomlove Etsy
choose bright, crazy colors!

felt card suit bunting from voodoorabbitstitches Etsy

playing card garland from themissingthread Etsy

Wonderland signs from kutekardz Etsy

Deck of Cards cookies! Classic and I will
be using these for the party!

Card Suit picks- um yes please!
Use these for the food table with the chocolate
fountain.  I totally lucked out finding these!
found on bizrate

Or I could make my own with these nifty cookie cutters...
or both?

They look real, don't they?
Chocolate mushrooms from a very creative chef and might I add,  so perfect for
an Alice in Wonderland Party!!
from andiespecialtysweets Etsy
Edible toadstools- a must for the party!
from andiespecialtysweets Etsy

I love these drink dispensers: they just make everything lovely!
Especially when you see the fruit floating at the top!

Real china plates- very tea partyesch
Go to garage sales, thrift stores, etc to find an eclectic mix
plastic tea cups! perfect and disposable!
Green apothecary jar from
I love the color because it adds a little bit more than the plain clear  ones
I would get an a few of each size and fill them up with an assortment of candy!

I have been eyeing these tags for months! I LOVE these!
Everything about them is perfectly Wonderland!
Tie these to every teacup and the drink dispensers and every teapot!
Everywhere! Perfection!
from pinkcherrymama on Etsy
she also makes "drink me" labels for bottles
and "eat me" labels for food!

These flower pins are from Emerson Made.
They are beautiful and very dramatic!
I would wear them for everyday things but I plan on wearing a
HUGE red one to my party! It's very Alice!

Red Flower pin
Emerson Made
Wonderland hair bows from blueberryshoes Etsy

Found this giant topiary bunny on
I love that site! Been using it since my wedding planning days and I can't stop!
This is perfect for Wonderland! Get a few of these and leave them green or spray paint
them white perhaps?

Another find on
These are really unique flowers and are very Wonderlandish
because of their shape, size and color. I love flowers
so I want a ton at any party but you need to find the weird ones for this party!

Giant butterfly from
If the flowers are huge, the insects are too!
So I found this picture from the newest movie.
I want to try to make giant mushrooms out of umbrellas...
Tell me if you see it! Do you think I can?
You have to have a hookah!
All I need to find is about 20 velvet pillows for everyone to sit on!
Then we can be like the caterpillar!

Giant oversized playing cards!
These are roughly 4 1/2 x 7 inches
Everything with MadHatter is about drama
what could be more dramatic than HUGE cards while you're playing rummy?
You can rent or buy your own game of crochet- minus the groundhogs

Giant Connect4 game
I love it!
You can rent them online or buy them I'm sure.

Giant Outdoor Chess Set
You have to have one of these!
You can find them online from anywhere $50-$100+
Giant Jenga game!
You can find a few places to buy them online anywhere from $50-$100+
or you can build your own pretty easily
I found some general instructions online at:

giant pink daisy from

Giant orange daisy
This is a picture from save on crafts showing the same flowers
in a JC Penney store display so you can see the size of them.
Fun, huh!

I love this one too!  I'd like to blow this one up into a poster size and
change the writing to "welcome" and put it on my door!
rabbit invite from kutekardz Etsy

Alice in Wonderland invite from rootdown Etsy
I love this one- it's really perfect!
These notecards are great!
use them to label food or drinks
from craftypagan Etsy
These are great cards also!
from  petitepaperie Etsy
thank you cards from anistadesigns Etsy

King Protea
I'm sure thsese flowers were in the movie somewhere
because they look like they are straight out of Wonderland.
I bought some of these last year and fell in love with them,
but haven't seen them since! Maybe I can grow my own?

King Protea
You can't forget the pink yard flamingos
This site has a great deal: 50 for $99.99

Brightly painted chairs! Another garage sale/thrift store find!
Try to find ones that don't match- you want all different shapes and sizes and
then you get to paint them all different colors!

More exampls of what chairs can become....
from the blog never without color

LOVE all her stuff! Such great shapes and colors!
Perfect color and perfect for stacking up cupcakes,
sandwiches, cookies, candies, etc, etc, etc
I want one of each please! from oliviadru Etsy
in yellow...

in green...

in red...

in blue....

and in pink (strawberry)

Speaking of strange flowers (which I love!)
You can find some really strange shapes with succulents.
Place them all around for the party!
You can get these in large quantities from succulentsgalore Etsy

This chair is ridiculous! I love it!
Purple chair from foreverandafters Etsy
If I had all the $$ in the world to spend on my parties,
this would be the first thing I would buy!
This would be absolutly PERFECT at the end of the long tea table!
red love seat from begsnachen Etsy

These little stools would be perfect for seating around the tree
or really anywhere!
toadstool chairs from royalkane Etsy
This is THE chair. I WANT this so I can be
the evil queen of hearts and sit in it! just kidding!
vinyl queen's chair from nikangel on Etsy
great print of the Cheshire Cat- they have even more Wonderland prints
at thecraftypirates on Etsy

LOVE these frames! I want one in every color!
Put these around or use them as photo props- they are great!
bright picture frames from nicolesuder on Etsy
in RED...

and BLUE...

and ORANGE...

and YELLOW...

and PURPLE...

and GREEN!


  1. you have EVERYTHING we could ever need for an alice party!!!!! thank you so much for including my piece, sweety!

  2. This is lovely! :) Thank you so much for including my playing card banner!

    ~Jessica Anne

  3. Lovely Blog! Thank you so much for including my chair you are featured here:

  4. wow - I want one of everything. What a blast. Thanks for including my invitation!

  5. Where did you get the plastic tea cups?

  6. Did you have the party? I am going to have one for my 55th birthday in may and these ideas are great!

  7. Wow, you have spent a lot of thought and time planning this party! Are you going to be buying most of the supplies or renting? I love how much detail there is, but it would be pain to store all of it after the party is over! I guess you could have a Wonderland party every year to get everything back out again.

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  9. Thanks a ton for these brilliant Mad Hatter Party Ideas. I loved all décor items. I will be hosting a party on my niece’s upcoming birthday at one of outdoor venues in NYC and this party theme would look perfect for that.