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I love unique furniture finds: whether it is on Etsy, at a small family-owned business, or a mainstream, corporate store; I just love what I love.  When I see it, I know it! I wanted to share with you some of my most recent finds and the special items that are on my list that my husband may or may not know about! Most of these are wood-based because I'm OBSESSED with unique wood items, but there are a few that are different materials.  I like to have them share the spotlight.  Enjoy!

1700s single plank cabin door coffee table
from barndoorsandbanjos Etsy

 This coffee table is made from a barn door from the 1700s. Talk about a great conversation piece! As I have said before, I love wood: most of the furniture pieces that I am attracted to are made from really unique, rare pieces of wood or in their natural, rugged state.  My husband and I have this HUGE tree trunk that we bought from a local store here in Dallas/Austin called Gardens.  It has since closed down, but the store had amazing finds like our coffee table. This piece is beautiful because it has so much history- you could spend hours thinking about where this door came from and which settlers it belonged to, etc.  I love furniture, well everything, with a story behind it.

adjustable granite end table
industryMfgCo Etsy

 I'm also obsessed with concrete. I love grey so anything that is naturally grey in color has my attention.   I also require texture- so I love the texture of any natural stone- those edges have a beautiful texture! I'm a huge texture person- you won't see very many patterns in my home (except for in my granite).  We are really a color blocking type of family.  You will see texture (that is what I consider my patterns) in the changes from one material to another or a funky fur pillow, or thick wool throw.  We are both attracted to patterns found in nature: the veins in the wood, the movement in the granite, the spots in the fur hide, etc.  So, naturally, I would be 
attracted to this granite side table with its rough edges and perfect shade of grey! Plus it's adjustable so you don't need to worry about it being too short or too tall for your furniture.  I think I would use it as a bedside table myself to add some different color  in our bedroom.  Honey, we need two of these!

artist chair from traditionsaredead Etsy

 Yes, we're back to wood again and this time it is a piece of functional art! This chair won a architectural design award last year- I'm not surprised at all! From this angle it's difficult to tell but you can have someone sit opposite of you.  I love this chair-  this could be a perfect centerpiece for a room!

butaca chair from viva terra
 I really like Viva Terra because their company uses
a lot of recycled and reclaimed materials.  I am
drawn to that look  of recycled, unique finds which they always seem to have.  They can be pricey at times but I think their pieces are such great quality that you would see them as an investment.

I LOVE these chairs with the cushions made from recycled (upcycled) burlap sacks.  You see a lot of this style made from coffee bean sacks and I love the print
on it as well as the natural color and the texture.  Yes, it can be considered a pattern so I have to say I do like some patterns as long as they are eclectic.  These are great pieces!

barcelona chairs and ottomans from design within reach

We have a Design Within Reach store in Dallas and I love going in there just to look at all the architecture that goes into these chairs and tables, etc.  I have always been attracted to the form of these chairs.  I'm usually drawn to darker colors but I am learning that you  need a pop of white every once in a while.  I am beginning to appreciate the lighter end of the color spectrum.

colorfully distressed modern bookcase
by stroudmanwoodworks on Etsy

I love anything storage.  Maybe because of my secret desire to
actually get organized.  That desire goes against the very
core of my being but I still love everything storage.  Really,
I could spend hours at the Container Store but would I really use the stuff? Maybe...But bookcases and drawers, yes!

I like this bookcase because it is so different. Really, most bookcases pretty much look the same.  You change the color a little bit and the height, but really, they're kind of boring.  But this one is refreshing in the world of bookcases.  I like the dimensions and the depth as well as the adorable drawer smack in the middle to mix things up a little bit.  It's modern in it's shape but distressed a little bit to bring it back down.

concrete bistro table from armaiolo Etsy
 And we are back to concrete.  I'm telling you, I think I like concrete countertops and tabletops almost as much I adore concrete sinks! This is such a sweet little table- it's simple in design and would be perfect for a breakfast table.  Add two or four chairs and you're done! I know I have the perfect chairs for this table now I just need to convince my
husband of that also. What could be better that eating off concrete?

concrete seat or endtable by tables  Etsy

No, I will never get enough of concrete.  Sorry!
These, my friend, are multi-functional little pieces.  They could be used singularly as little seats or as an end table.  If you have a platform bed, they would be great as bedside tables.  I would be tempted to put them all together as a larger table- either a coffee table of a great plant stand or leave them separated like in the photo.

You could also, depending on the height, line them up side by side and use them as a tv console.  So many options.  Isn't concrete great?

draper's cabinetry sundance cataog

Back to storage and here we are at Sundance- named after the film festival, this company was created by Robert Redford and they produce some very cool pieces! We bought our dining table from them a few years ago.  Many, many statement pieces.   Beautiful craftsmanship.  I love these shelves.  I have been eyeing them for almost two years now.  There's something about the red mixed with the grayish-blue and the wood. I really like the variety of shelf sizes and shapes mixed with the drawers.  This picture is actually showing 3 separate shelves together.  Yes, you must buy them all individually. I would have a whole wall full of them if I could.  I know...keep dreaming!

dundee coffee table galahadDumfries Etsy

I really like the way this coffee table was constructed.  I really like linear pieces and this one is great! I really love the built in storage for remotes and magazines.  With these clean, simple lines, you don't want to ruin it with clutter.

factory cart coffee table
brandmojointeriors Etsy

I love reclaimed items and escpecially when those reclaimed items are then used for something they were not originally intended. This is yet another fun conversational piece that you could use in your living room.  How could you not love this?

LC1 Sling chair from Design Within Reach

My husband is a hunter and I can't imagine our home without some trophy hanging on the wall or some hide on the floor.  So, for me, this chair is the perfect mix between rustic hide and modern, architectural design.  I love these chairs in general, but it doesn't get much better than with an animal hide!

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