Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My husband and I love Star Wars.  They were great movies when we both were growing up and we continue to watch them.  We will also train our children to watch them (they'd better like them because they'll see them enough).  We had an ongoing joke that we were going to name our son Luke, just so Dustin could say (in the creepy Darth Vader voice) "Luke, I am your Father."  We had our laughs with that but it's actually on the "list" for when we have children.  So if we have a boy, he might be hearing Vader's voice a lot- let's hope it's not just in his head! :)

So here is a compilation of random Star Wars "things" that I like.  Some are for your household, some are clothing and some are if you want to throw a party...in a galaxy far, far away.  Enjoy!

A New Hope Retro Poster by handz Etsy
Yoda Scribble Graph Art
by daogreerearthworks Etsy

Wall Decal by SunshineDecals Etsy

Star Wars Themed Fridge Word Magnets by theDContinuum Etsy

Cup Cake Toppers by theblissfulbaker Etsy
Star Wars Birthday Banner by anygoodideas Etsy

Chocolate Lollipops by sugarbellyboutique Etsy

Kids Birthday Invitation by fineprints Etsy

Star Wars Cookie Cutters
William Sonoma

Star Wars Sandwich Cutters
William Sonoma

Star Wars Cupcake Wrappers
by homeholidaykeepsakes Etsy

Star Wars Pancake Molds
William Sonoma

Darth Vader Stamp by ttyr Etsy

R2D2 Greeting Card
by daogreerearthworks Etsy

ATAT Walker Onesie
by typsygypsytees Etsy

Like My Buns? Onesie
by ragstoobritches Etsy

Princess Leia Buns Hat/Hairpiece
by thegreenhedgehog Etsy

R2D2 Knit Hat by 56oh4n Etsy

R2D2 Baby Onesie by Hutchme Etsy

Stormtroopers Family Car Decals from SCDJ1125 Etsy

My favorite- obviously from our inside joke...
Who's Your Daddy Darth Vader Onesie
by ragstoobritches Etsy
Stormpooper Onesie by ragstoobritches Etsy

Yoda Knit Baby Hat by pinktoad Etsy


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my R2D2 hat in your blog. Great collection of items here!!

  2. Thanks for including my Princess Leia Hairdo Hat:)

  3. This is so much fun! Thanks so much for including my cupcake wrappers! :)

  4. I always love seeing the other great star wars merch out there!! Thanks for including my onsies :)