Monday, July 11, 2011

Modern Monday: Anniversary Presents- year 7

The gifts for your 7th year anniversary are wool/copper (traditional) and desk sets (modern).  I personally LOVE wool and copper and am happy to share some really cool stuff I have found. Hope all these ideas help you on this special anniversary! Enjoy!

Organic Eco Sheepskin Rug from tonusamu on Etsy

Handmada paper and copper lanterns from Khalima on Etsy

The Tilly Throw- wool blanket from mauddesigns on Etsy

White New Zealand Wool Rug from loft4027 on Etsy

pencil holder from lessandmore on Etsy

Vintage upcycled copper side table from LizKDesigns on Etsy

ceramic turquoise and copper bowl from claybydre on Etsy

magic pen cubes from lessandmore on Etsy

abstract gold and copper art from Laffertyart on Etsy

copper dome ring from jdaviesmetalworks on Etsy

Simone Knit wrap- merino wool from TickledPinkKnits on Etsy

Modern Square Wood Table Lamps from AtomicAttic on Etsy

Wool Messenger Bag from marisforssell on Etsy

natural wood pen/pencil holder from lessandmore on Etsy

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